Photo credit: Mike Wade

DNR to Update Walleye Management Plan

Our Lake District recently attended the “Wisconsin DNR Walleye Management Plan Update” which was held on October 13th, 2020.  The purpose of this virtual meeting was to update Wisconsin’s Walleye Management Plan, which was last updated in 1997.  Participants in attendance represented the tourism industry, professional guides, lake groups (like ourselves) and various resort owners. 

Our Lake District posed a series of questions to the Vilas County Fishery Biologist, regarding various walleye management definitions and fishing angling and harvest observationsThese questions were very thoroughly responded to by the WDNR.

Below are the links for the slide presentation, the responses to our Lake District fishing observations on the Twin Lakes and a recent article published by the Wausau Daily Herald outlining the DNR’S desire to update the plan … 

Wausau Daily Herald Article

Walleye Management Update Slide Presentation

North & South Twin Lake District Fishing Observations and DNR Responses