We Have New Boat Ramp Signage

Photo credit: Mike Wade
Photo credit: Mike Wade

The North & South Twin Lakes Protection and Rehabilitation District has replaced the information signs at each of the three boat landings on North and South Twin Lakes.

The new signs include updated information on preventing the spread of AIS, DNR requirements on fish size to keep the catch, and new Loon Watch material. The Lake District coordinated with the WDNR and Loon Watch in securing updated information for the signs.

The Lake District contracted with Wolf Track Design in Phelps, WI.  Owner Tedd Pasternak built and installed the signs.  The North and South Twin Lakes Riparian Association provided a gift to the lake District to fund the cost of the new signs. The signs were originally installed by the North and South Twin Lakes Riparian Association more than 20 years ago.

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