Citizens Lake Monitoring Network (CLMN)
  • Once again in 2022 your Lake District is part of the Citizens Lake Monitoring Network (CLMN)It is important that we recognize and support the volunteers who are performing both our Water Clarity (Secchi Disc) and Water Chemistry Activities on our waters.
The DNR to Stock North & South Twin with Muskellunge in September 2022
  • In September of 2022 the Wisconsin DNR will stock Muskellunge Fingerlings in both North & South Twin Lakes.
    • The specifics of the stocking activities are as follows:
      •  350″ Muskellunge Fingerlings will be stocked in North & South Twin with a proportional allocation of “175” fingerlings in each lake.
    • The Lake District has been invited to witness the loading of the fingerlings onto the DNR trucks, as well as witnessing their distribution, into our waters.
    • Feel free to click on the “arrows” (<< >>) to the right to view our tour of the Art Oehmcke Hatchery in Woodruff, Wi.